Amrit (1986)


Director:Mohan Kumar

Description:After the death of their spouses; the elderly Amrit Lal Sharma and Kamla Srivastav are abused by their biological children. They get into contact with each other due to their grandchildren friendship; but even this becomes a problem to their children and they are asked to leave their respective homes – together they attempt to create a world of their own with the help of their advocate friend Sharafat Ali and his wife Hasinabanu.


Starring:Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil, Aruna Irani, Daljit Kaur

Genre:Drama, Family

Writer:Mohan Kumar (screenplay), Mohan Kumar (story), V.K. Sharma (dialogue)

Imdb rating:7.5

Imdb votes:60

Released on:27 Jun 1986


Category: drama family hindi-movies