Aseema: Beyond Boundaries (2009)


Director:Sisir Misra

Description:A Lecturer in 1996 Anandpur, Orissa, Professor Aseema Patnayak, is compelled to re-locate to Cuttack after a confrontation with a male. Once there, she meets with an accident, has a fracture, is hospitalized and treated by brother and sister doctors Manjula and Ishwar Rai. The latter is attracted to her, and despite being told that she is a divorc茅e and a mother of a young daughter, proposes to her, but is rejected. Ten years later, her daughter, Gudiya, wants to re-locate to Mumbai to obtain a masters degree – this is when Ishwar will re-enter her life and make arrangements with his now married sister and her husband, Dr. Vikas, to look after Gudiya. Shortly thereafter Aseema will be shocked when she finds out that Gudiya is wasting time in movie theaters, multiplexes, as well as with a male named Vikram. Ishwar quickly intervenes, meets with Vikram and gets the couple to postpone all marriage plans until they have completed their education. Then Vikram introduces Gudiya to his uncle and aunt – and it is this meeting that will shatter and change everyone’s lives forever.


Starring:Gracy Singh, Asseem Merchant, Neha Pendse, Aryan Singh

Genre:Drama, Romance

Writer:Kadambini Mishra (screenplay), Sisir Misra (dialogue), Sisir Misra (screenplay), Sailaja Kumari Aparajita Mohanty (original novel)

Imdb rating:5.2

Imdb votes:12

Released on:18 Dec 2009


Category: drama hindi-movies romance