Billa (2009)



Director:Meher Ramesh

Description:Billa, a ruthless international crime lord wanted in at least eleven countries, operates from Kuala Lumpur. The only person he answers to is his unseen boss: “Devil.” ACP Krishna Murthy is one of several officers working with Interpol to catch Billa. But when one of his informants is killed, Murthy begins to suspect a mole within the police. Eventually, Billa is killed, and Murthy is the only witness. When he learns of Ranga, a pickpocket and Billa-lookalike; Murthy sets up a secret operation. Ranga takes Billa’s place to learn the gang’s secrets. Chased by the law, suspected by the gang, and hunted by a vengeful femme-fatale; Ranga finds himself in extreme danger from all sides.


Starring:Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Namitha

Genre:Action, Romance, Thriller

Writer:Javed Akhtar (original story), Salim Khan (original story), Meher Ramesh (screenplay), Prasad Thota (script associate)

Imdb rating:6.1

Imdb votes:882

Released on:03 Apr 2009


Category: action hindi-movies romance thriller