Bolo Raam (2009)


Director:Rakesh Chaturvedi

Description:In the small village of Laksar, Uttrakhand, a police team led by Sub-Inspector Sajid Ahmed Khan attends at the locked Kaushik residence early morning, and discovers two blood-covered bodies. He identifies them to be that of Archana and her son, Raam, reports this as a double homicide, and deputes one of his men to enter the house. When the Havaldar enters, he is threatened by a knife-wielding Raam, who is subsequently subdued, placed under arrest and taken to the police station. When he refuses to talk, they take him to a Psychiatrist, N.S. Regi, who needs more time to examine him. Shortly thereafter, Raam escapes from police custody, and is subsequently located in morgue with the body of his deceased mother. He is brought back and held in a cell, and Inspector Indrajeet Rathi commences an investigation and slowly finds that Raam is not only an unstable and angry youth, who was influenced by the teachings of Bhagwan Shri Krishna from the Bhagvad Gita, but also very violent against those he feels are sinful. The investigation also reveals that even though he was devoted to his mother, he could have killed her because she may have sinned. The question remains: what was her sin?


Starring:Rishi Bhutani, Disha Pandey, Padmini Kolhapure, Om Puri

Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writer:Rakesh Chaturvedi

Imdb rating:5.2

Imdb votes:60

Released on:31 Dec 2009


Category: crime drama hindi-movies mystery