Children of War (2014)


Director:Mrityunjay Devvrat

Description:Based on real events in Bangladesh, 1971. The film is about how rape and religion were used as war weaponry. The film deals with the birth of Bangladesh in 1971, focusing on the genocide and when 400,000 women were raped and 3 million people were killed. As the film progresses towards its climax, the three stories begin to intertwine with one another.


Starring:Farooq Shaikh, Victor Banerjee, Pavan Malhotra, Indraneil Sengupta

Genre:Drama, History, War

Writer:Mrityunjay Devvrat, Asad Hussain

Imdb rating:6.7

Imdb votes:601

Released on:16 May 2014


Category: drama hindi-movies history war