Crime Story (1986) (In Hindi)


Director:Abel Ferrara

Description:Chicago’s Major Crime Unit, that can operate slightly outside the law and is led by hardboiled lieutenant Mike Torrello, stops a violent team of armed robbers one night, but their leader escapes. Torrello suspects the head to be Ray Luca, a young ruthless and ambitious mobster on the rise. Luca soon convinces Johnny O’Donnel, one of the people Mike cares for, to join his crew, but this ends up having deadly consequences. Mike must also deals with idealistic public defender David Abrams, who highly disapproves of Mike and his team’s sometimes borderline vigilante methods. However, Luca sees this as Abrams’ weakness and uses it to get on Abrams good side, by pretending to be clean. However, Luca still has to follow orders of his higher-ups, even though he’s trying to remove their influence over him.


Starring:Dennis Farina, Tony Denison, Bill Smitrovich, Steve Ryan

Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writer:Chuck Adamson (creator), Gustave Reininger (creator), Chuck Adamson (teleplay), David J. Burke (teleplay), Gustave Reininger (teleplay), Chuck Adamson (story), Gustave Reininger (story)

Imdb rating:7.9

Imdb votes:655

Released on:18 Sep 1986


Category: crime drama dubbed-movies mystery