Dahek: A Burning Passion (1999)


Director:Lateef Binny

Description:Neelima Bakshi is a girl who belongs to a conservative Muslim family from Bombay. At the post office, she meets a boy named Sameer ‘Prince’ Roshan and it is love at first sight. The bond that draws them close is their dream of becoming doctors. However, when her unle, a stunch and autocratic Muslim, is released from jail after 12 years, he forbids her to see Prince when he learns that Prince is Hindu. Amidst thse restrictions the love between Prince and Neelima blossoms, but is again threatened when Prince gets admission into a medical college and Neelima is rejected.


Starring:Sonali Bendre, Danny Denzongpa, Anang Desai, Ahmed Khan

Genre:Romance, Thriller

Writer:Lateef Binny (screenplay), Lateef Binny (story), Dev Kohli (lyrics), Madan Pal (lyrics), K.K. Raina (screenplay), Shyam Raj (lyrics), Javed Siddiqui (dialogue)

Imdb rating:5.6

Imdb votes:106

Released on:17 Dec 1999


Category: hindi-movies romance thriller