Deadly Spygames (1989) (In Hindi)


Director:Jack M. Sell

Description:American Secret Agent Banner spans the globe in search of an incriminating piece of video that could be used to blackmail a Russian General. “Python” is an SOB operative barking orders from his wheelchair aboard the U.S. submarine and Chastity is the leader of this wild group who must locate the tape so she can use it to blackmail the leaders of the USSR. This James Bond spoof includes a “killer robot,” an underwater fight with the obligatory hungry sharks, a hot air balloon fight and even a nuclear explosion in Cuba!


Starring:Jack M. Sell, Troy Donahue, Adrienne Richmond, Tippi Hedren

Genre:Comedy, Drama

Writer:Adrienne Richmond, Jack M. Sell

Imdb rating:3.0

Imdb votes:42

Released on:N/A


Category: comedy drama dubbed-movies