Dharam Kanta (1982)


Director:Sultan Ahmed

Description:Thakur Bhavani Singh heads a gang of dacoits, who have spread terror and fear in the region. Bhavani has a family, consisting of his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ram and Laxman, and a daughter named Ganga. One day Bhavani kidnaps the son of wealthy Harnam Singh, and will release him for a hefty ransom. Harnam agrees to all the conditions, and hands over the money to Bhavani. Unfortunately, Harnam’s child is killed, and his wife, devastated, curses Bhavani and his family. Subsequently, Bhavani is separated from his family due to heavy rains and floods, and decides to turn himself in to the police, and is sent to prison. His wife has been unable to locate any of their children. Ram and Laxman are taken in by two bandits, and turn to a life of crime, and ironically Ganga is adopted by Harnam Singh. Years later, Bhavani is released from prison, and comes to meet his wife, and is devastated to know that he may never get to see his children again. Bhavani starts living a honest life, not knowing that his estranged sons are leading a life of crime, and that his daughter is now living with the family, whose son he killed.


Starring:Raaj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Waheeda Rehman

Genre:Action, Drama, Family

Writer:Bharat B. Bhalla (screenplay), Bharat B. Bhalla (story), Anwar Khan (dialogue & screenplay assistant), Kader Khan (dialogue), K.B. Pathak (scenario), Kapil Pathak (dialogue & screenplay assistant)

Imdb rating:6.4

Imdb votes:36

Released on:13 Aug 1982


Category: action drama family hindi-movies