Dushman Zamana (1992)


Director:Jagdish A. Sharma

Description:D.K. Narang is a wealthy businessman who lives with his only daughter Seema who is the apple of his eyes. She meets with Vijay; a poor letter-writer by profession and both fall in love with each other opting to get marry soon. When she introduces Vijay to her dad he objects to their meeting leave alone marriage but they continue to get acquainted with each other prompting Narang to take matters into his own hands by severely beating Vijay. This still does not end the couple’s affair – when Narang finds that matters are going beyond his reach he calls Vijay before a huge gathering and has him insulted prompting Vijay to promise that he will not marry Seema until he makes something out of himself. After 2 years Vijay returns after becoming a successful automobile engineer only to find himself behind bars for various murders.


Starring:Divya Bharti, Arman Kohli, Paresh Rawal, Gulshan Grover



Imdb rating:4.9

Imdb votes:16

Released on:02 Oct 1992


Category: action drama hindi-movies