Ek Hi Maqsad (1988)


Director:Pravin Bhatt

Description:Indu lives a middle-class lifestyle along with her widower dad. She attends college, meets with Raj, and both fall in love with each other. Raj follows her everywhere including a picnic, much to the chagrin of her College Teacher, but Indu shuns her and sings and dances with Raj. Thereafter both take off on Raj’s motorbike. Some goons attempt to molest her, a scuffle ensues, Indu is abducted and subsequently thrown down a cliff and the car with the molesters in it explodes. Raj thinks that Indu is dead and loses his mind and is institutionalized in C.T. Mental Hospital under the care of Dr. Ram Kumar Verma. When Raj gets better, he is discharged, finds out that Indu is still alive and goes to meet her and attempts to get intimate with her. It is then her husband, none other than Dr. Verma himself walks in, sees them together and decides to kill them. He does succeed in killing Raj, but before he could kill Indu, he is arrested and institutionalized in the very same hospital where he works. One day he breaks out to finish his one and only mission – kill Indu at any and all costs.


Starring:Raj Kiran, Om Puri, Divya Rana, Satish Shah

Genre:Action, Drama, Thriller

Writer:Pravin Bhatt (screenplay), Prem Jalandhri (dialogue), Bharathi Rajaa (story), Santosh Saroj (screenplay)

Imdb rating:4.9

Imdb votes:14

Released on:22 Apr 1988


Category: action drama hindi-movies thriller