Ek Paheli (1971)


Director:Naresh Kumar

Description:After the passing away of his dad, Dr. Sudhir (Feroz Khan) returns from London, U.K., to take care of the family business in Goa, India. Once there, he wants to give himself an introduction party, and wants the house to be furnished elegantly, including purchasing a rare and valuable piano at an auction. He meets with a mysterious lady named Maria (Tanuja), who tells him that the piano is precious to her, and asks him not to let anyone else play it. With the piano in the house, the party takes place, and tragically the lady playing the piano dies suddenly. Then the household servant, John, is killed by using an air-filled syringe, and the police start suspecting Sudhir. Sudhir is attracted to Maria, but is unable to find out her place of residence, she appears and disappears without warning, and always meets him in an old church graveyard. Meanwhile, Shankarlal (Madan Puri) openly assists Sudhir against the odds he’s at, but is secretly planning to kill him and Maria, so that he can take over the estate. But fate, tragically, has other plans.


Starring:Feroz Khan, Tanuja, Sanjeev Kumar, Aruna Irani

Genre:Drama, Horror, Thriller


Imdb rating:6.7

Imdb votes:43

Released on:N/A


Category: drama hindi-movies horror thriller