Gudgudee (1997)


Director:Basu Chatterjee

Description:Naive and easily influenced Ajay Prasad has been married for several years, and lives in remote India with his wife and a son. The family receive an invitation to attend a wedding in Bombay. As Mrs. Prasad and their son are unable to attend, Ajay is asked to attend on his own, which he agrees to do so. Upon arrival in Bombay, he is met at the airport by Ravindranath, who welcomes him, and drives him to his apartment, located in a good upper class locality. Ajay finds out that his next door neighbor is a single woman, who acts in commercials and short advertisements. Ajay decides to indulge in an affair with her, with hilarious results.


Starring:Anupam Kher, Pratibha Sinha, Jugal Hansraj, Deb Mukherjee

Genre:Musical, Romance

Writer:Basu Chatterjee (dialogue), Basu Chatterjee (screenplay), Dharmanand Joshi (story)

Imdb rating:4.3

Imdb votes:236

Released on:N/A


Category: hindi-movies musical romance