Hanuman (2005)


Director:V.G. Samant, Milind Ukey

Description:When Hanuman was born to Anjani a female Apsara and Kesari, by the blessings of Vayu-Dev, the Wind God. Hanuman, who is the 11th rudra avatar of supreme being GOD Shiva himself. He was blessed with supreme intelligence, strength and divine powers. As a baby, Hanuman was quite naughty and used his powers to pester the saints living in the nearby forest. On the insistence of Vayu, Indra and the other Gods came together to bless baby Hanuman of immortal life. Amongst the other blessing a few are: no fear/harm from the Brahmastra, no harm could befall him from any weapons, fire and water. He could overcome death and he could transform his body to take the smallest form or attain the biggest form of life. Blessed with divine powers Hanuman grew up to be powerful and mighty.


Starring:Archi, Rajesh Jolly, Mukesh Khanna, Sushmita Mukherjee


Writer:Milind Ukey

Imdb rating:7.2

Imdb votes:259

Released on:21 Oct 2005


Category: animation hindi-movies