Hathkadi (1995)


Director:Rama Rao Tatineni

Description:Assistant Commissioner of Police, Suraj Chauhan (Govinda) is an earnest, honest, and diligent police officer. These qualities in him are regarded by apprehension by corrupt politicians like the Home Minister Bhavani Shankar (Shakti Kapoor), Suraj’s DIG (Kiran Kumar). Suraj’s brother, Arun Chauhan) is a crime reporter. One day while on an assisgnment, Arun is killed mercilessly by Chakku Pande (Puneet Issar). Suraj is enraged and aggrieved at the loss of his brother and swears to avenge his death. Unknown to Suraj, he has a look-a-like, Rajnikant, a con man. How their lives intertwine will unravel when you watch this entertaining flick.


Starring:Govinda, Shilpa Shetty, Madhoo, Shakti Kapoor



Imdb rating:4.7

Imdb votes:69

Released on:31 Mar 1995


Category: action hindi-movies