Hawa Mahal (1962)


Director:B.J. Patel

Description:Neelampari and Champakali are sisters, and live in Patal Lok (underwater), and have been assigned the task of gathering together 100 souls. But Champakali takes a liking to one of them, namely Kumar, and does not capture him. This angers Neelampari, and she banishes her sister. Jadugar Vaital has set his eyes on the beauty of Champakali and will do anything in his power to maker her his own. Since Kumar is indebted to Champakali for saving his life, he must overcome several objects to defeat Vaital and marry Champakali. Kumar has the assistance of Bhola and Bajrang, and a host of magical gimmicks, like a flower; a magical flute, and a statuette. But will these be enough to subdue the invincible Vaital?


Starring:Bela Bose, Helen, Jeevan, Murad

Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy


Imdb rating:0.0

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Released on:N/A


Category: action adventure comedy hindi-movies