Humshakal (1974)



Description:Ram comes from a poor family, and works as a labourer for a living. One day he comes across an old woman in distress, and decides to assist her. This old woman is dying and asks Ram to promise to look after her young and destitute daughter, Radha, and Ram does so. Eventually, Ram and Radha get married and sire a baby boy. One day the child becomes seriously ill, and Radha goes to Ram’s place of employment to get him to assist the child. It is there she finds out that Ram is living a parallel life as Laxman, and is living with a woman named Lalita.


Starring:Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Moushumi Chatterjee, Ramesh Behl

Genre:Thriller, Mystery, Family

Writer:Inder Raj Anand (dialogue), Poovai Krishnan (story)

Imdb rating:5.4

Imdb votes:20

Released on:N/A


Category: family hindi-movies mystery thriller