I Proud to Be an Indian (2004)


Director:Puneet Sira

Description:A generation of English men called “Skinheads” wants to dominate rule in their birth country London, U.K. Their main targets are people from other races who they regard as aliens; this time their target is an Indian family from Punjab, India. However a male member from this family is unable to withstand this injustice and decides to single-handily revolt. Situations worsen when this male is forced to attack the leader of the Skinheads, Cain; unknown to him by doing so he is further endangering the lives of his loved ones.


Starring:Sohail Khan, Tim Lawrence, Scott Hinds, Phil Jones


Writer:Vekeana Dhillon, Puneet Sira

Imdb rating:6.3

Imdb votes:385

Released on:13 Feb 2004


Category: action hindi-movies