Insaaf – The Final Justice (1997)


Director:Dayal Nihalani

Description:A gangster named Shah, owing allegiance to the Janardhan gang is killed by Chimanbhai. Although Janardhan is in prison, he ensures that Chimanbhai is notified of his anger and vengeance. Chimanbhai arranges a meeting with Janardhan, and kills him. Some school-children and their teacher, Aarti Singh, who are at a picnic nearby witness this, but Chimanbhai and his men hunt them down and kill them all. The entire country is shocked at this killing, and the police are under pressure to apprehend the killers at any cost. Aarti’s brother who is Police Inspector Vikram Singh, also assists in finding out who the killer and gets his girlfriend, Divya, to pose as Aarti in order to lure the killers to come out into the open. This does get some results – albeit not the ones Vikram and Divya had hoped for and they are now on the run – not only from Chimanbhai’s gangsters – but also from corrupt policemen, and an Member of Parliament, who is also involved, and will do anything within his power to ensure that both get killed.


Starring:Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Ranjeet


Writer:Dayal Nihalani (story), Dilip Shukla (dialogue), Dilip Shukla (screenplay)

Imdb rating:3.7

Imdb votes:428

Released on:30 May 1997


Category: action hindi-movies