Inth Ka Jawab Patthar (2002)


Director:Mithu Singh

Description:As a child Devendra has a traumatic experience when he witnesses his dad and mom being killed by Bhujang Keshav alias BK. Devendra runs for his life, and meets up with a kind man, who lives with his daughter, Pinky, and runs a construction company, who agrees to look after him. Years later, Devendra has grown up and after his foster parents have passed away, has taken charge of the business. He invests in a piece of property for the purpose of building a school there, and thus incurs the anger of a gangster who sends his men to kill Devendra. What Devendra does not know that this gangster is BK himself, and it is more than likely that BK may make history repeat itself by killing Devendra also.


Starring:Sudesh Berry, Biswajeet, Divya Dutta, Dev Malhotra

Genre:Musical, Action


Imdb rating:2.8

Imdb votes:8

Released on:04 Jan 2002


Category: action hindi-movies musical