Jackers (2010) (In Hindi)



Director:David Betances

Description:A high-speed accident on the freeways of Los Angeles reveals a turf war between two competing car theft rings of sexy all-girl crews. Brandy Martinez, a young streetwise cop is assigned by lieutenant Baynes (Steven Bauer) to go undercover and infiltrate one of the crews. When Brandy falls for Carlo, an undercover cop also investigating the gangs, the two find themselves in the middle of a treacherous game of survival with everything exploding around them.


Starring:Melina Lizette, Kenyetta Lethridge, Steven Bauer, Olivia Brown

Genre:Action, Drama

Writer:David Betances (screenplay), David Betances (story), Sevier Crespo (story)

Imdb rating:3.6

Imdb votes:438

Released on:22 Jan 2014


Category: action drama dubbed-movies