Kaise Kahun I Love You (1995)


Director: P. Vasu

Description: Kaise Kahun I Love You (Mr. Madras) is a 1994 film. Madan (Prabhu) is young man who has won Mr. Madras title works as a part time model. But his mother (Lakshmi) wants him to find a permanent job. As he is brave, honest and of good character. One day he is spotted by Aruna Arunachalam (Manorama) who need a assistance to flush out Thiruttani (Anandaraj) a goon who is forcefully occupied her land. Aruna Arunachalam has Son and two granddaughters Meera (Sukanya) and Devi (Vineetha). Madan gets Thiruttani arrested and gets the land back. After
receiving the land back Aruna gives Madan little money as gift and tell him to leave. Madan feels cheated as he not only lost his job but also his respect. Devi and Meera fall in love with Madan. Now Madan stays back to fight Aruna’s ego.


Starring: Prabhu, Sukanya, Vineetha, Manorama, Lakshmi, Anandaraj, Goundamani, Senthil, R. Sundarrajan

Genre: Drama, Romance

Writer: N/A

Imdb rating:0.0

Imdb votes:0

Released on: 8 Sep 1995


Category: drama hindi-movies romance