Lallu Ram (1985)


Director:Shiv Kumar

Description:Simple-minded and honest to a fault, Lallu Ram lives a poor lifestyle in a village in Uttar Pradesh. He comes to the assistance of everyone, and has a sister in every household. Champa, the local pottery-maker is in love with him and wants to marry him. When a village belle, Gauri, falls in love with a male named Shankar, becomes pregnant, and her lover abandons her, Lallu decides to travel to Aligarh and Agra to look for him. When he does not return, Champa and Gauri also travel there. They are unable to locate him and take up dancing and singing on the streets to make a living. One day Champa does locate Lallu, and finds out that he is now impersonating a man, Vinod Kumar Sharma, who was killed recently, and is living a very wealthy lifestyle along with Vinod’s fianc茅e, Anjali, and Vinod’s mom, who is all set to get both married.


Starring:Urmila Bhatt, Vyjayanti Chavan, Gajendra Chouhan, Gauri

Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama

Writer:Shiv Kumar (story), K.B. Pathak (writer & dialogue)

Imdb rating:0.0

Imdb votes:0

Released on:20 Sep 1985


Category: action comedy drama hindi-movies