Maharathi (2008)


Director:Shivam Nair

Description:The caption of the movie says, “How would you murder a man who has already committed suicide”. The story revolves around 6 characters a one time famous film director, his wife (a one time actor in his films), a chauffeur, a confidante lawyer, a caretaker and an ACP all trying to outwit each other. At stake is a life insurance policy worth Rs. 24 crores. A one time famous film director dejected by his wife’s behaviour shoots himself and challenges his wife to prove his suicide as murder in order to get a booty of Rs. 24 crores. The director’s chauffeur-cum-confidante helps the wife in achieving her target in the hope of sharing the booty. The story unveils as different characters enter and help the story move on.


Starring:Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Boman Irani, Paresh Rawal

Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writer:Sanjay Chhel (lyrics), Uttam Gada (story)

Imdb rating:7.1

Imdb votes:417

Released on:05 Dec 2008


Category: crime drama hindi-movies mystery