Maya (1961)


Director:D.D. Kashyap

Description:On his birthday, wealthy Bombay-based Manmohan, whose father, Shamnarain, is overseas, finds out that he does not have any real friends. Disillusioned, he returns home, and that night overpowers a burglar, Sudesh. He decides to not call the police on the condition that he lets him live in the slums, to which Sudesh agrees, and takes him to a shanty Chawl. The next day, Manmohan, who now calls himself Shyam, meets Sudesh’ sister, Shyama, and both are attracted to each other. He then sub-lets a room from a dweller, known as Mausi, and starts to sell ice-cream on the streets as a living. He indirectly uses his wealth and influence to help some of the impoverished residents. He then proposes to Shyama and she accepts – and it is this acceptance that will soon pit him not only against his snobbish and enraged father – but also against Sudesh as well as a much-feared gangster, Ranvir, who wants to wed Shyama at any and all costs.


Starring:Dev Anand, Mala Sinha, Lalita Pawar, Sudesh Kumar

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama, Romance

Writer:Qamar Jalalabadi, D.D. Kashyap

Imdb rating:7.7

Imdb votes:20

Released on:N/A


Category: action crime drama hindi-movies romance