Mera Rakshak (1978)


Director:R. Thyagaraajan

Description:Orphaned Bijli works on a farm owned by widowed, wealthy and arrogant Avinash Rai. She has no one to call her own save and except for her pet goat, Ramu, who often comes to protect her from molesters like Mangal. She then meets with Vijay Rai, both fall in love and decide to get married much to the chagrin of Avinash who asks Vijay to leave. The couple and Ramu re-locate to a distant farmhouse where they live a harmonious lifestyle. Avinash then arranges Radha’s (his daughter) marriage and does not invite Vijay, but Vijay and Bijli show up, and what they witness during this ceremony will change their lives forever.


Starring:Mithun Chakraborty, Abhi Bhattacharya, Shreeram Lagoo, Gayatri

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama

Writer:Sandow M.M.A. Chinnappa Devar (story), Ram Govind (dialogue), Ravindra Jain (lyrics)

Imdb rating:4.4

Imdb votes:9

Released on:18 Feb 1978


Category: action crime drama hindi-movies