Mera Target No.1 Returns (Bangaram) (2006)



Description:After being fired from his job as a TV reporter, Balram attempts to get a character certificate from his widower NRI ex-employer, Chaudhary, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, along with two daughters, Sandhya and Vidya. Balram is compelled to spend a few days with the Chaudhary family, and is invited to attend Sandhya’s wedding with Shankar Singh. Balram finds favor with Chaudhary when he prevents Sandhya from eloping with a male from the U.S.A.. During the wedding ceremony, Sandhya attempts to kill herself, and ends up in hospital. Balram has a change of heart and decides to assist her in eloping with her true love – not realizing that Shankar’s hoodlum brother, Bheem, and cruel sister, have quite a few tricks up their respective sleeves that will leave Sandhya with no choice but to return and get married to Shankar.


Starring:Meera Chopra, Reema Sen, Ashutosh Rana, Raja

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama

Writer:Siva Akula (dialogue), Dharani (story), Gauri S. Fhalahari (lyrics), Mahendra S. Sera (lyrics)

Imdb rating:4.5

Imdb votes:486

Released on:05 May 2006


Category: action crime drama hindi-movies