Motorway (2012) (In Hindi)


Director:Pou-Soi Cheang

Description:An overconfident rookie in the Stealth Riders division, a secret police unit consisting of the best drivers on the force that take down criminals in the drag racing underworld, teams up with his veteran partner to take on a legendary escape driver who has never been caught. As they put together a strategic plan to take this criminal down they put the petal to the metal in a death-defying showdown with only their cars as their weapons.


Starring:Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Shawn Yue, Xiaodong Guo, Barbie Hsu

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama

Writer:Joey O’Bryan (original story), Joey O’Bryan (screenplay), Kam-Yuen Szeto (screenplay)

Imdb rating:6.0

Imdb votes:1161

Released on:21 Jun 2012


Category: action crime drama dubbed-movies