Murder at 1600 (1997) (In Hindi)


Director:Dwight H. Little

Description:At a time of international incident, the body of a young female staffer is found in a White House wash room. Homicide detective Harlan Regis is called in to investigate the murder only to discover the secret service had taken hold of all the evidence for their own investigation. A frustrated Regis becomes suspicious of a cover-up and convinces secret service agent Nina Chance to aid him. The remainder of the plot is spent following Regis and Chance as they uncover the answers as to who is behind the conspiracy and why.


Starring:Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane, Daniel Benzali, Dennis Miller

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama

Writer:Wayne Beach, David Hodgin

Imdb rating:6.0

Imdb votes:21454

Released on:18 Apr 1997


Category: action crime drama dubbed-movies