Nagin Aur Suhagan (1979)


Director:Shantilal Soni

Description:Gauri lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widowed father Thakur Jagatpal Singh. One day after returning from worshiping Bhagwan Shri Shivji, her father accidentally kills a magical shape-shifting Naag, earning the wrath of his wife, Naag Kanya, who kills him and burns down their house, but is rescued by Gauri, and promises to come to her assistance. Alone and destitute, Gauri comes to the rescue of wealthy Geeta, who has been abducted, with her kidnappers demanding a ransom of Fifty Thousand Rupees from her father, Lakhpati, and mother, Bhagwanti. Gauri manages to free Geeta and gets her home, but ends up being their servant. Years later Gauri and Geeta have grown up, and Geeta’s marriage is finalized with Anand, but Anand prefers Gauri, and they secretly get married, and re-locate to Anand’s house, where Anand’s brother, Zoravar, initially disapproves of Gauri, due to her being a servant, and when he finds that she is the daughter of his late enemy, Jagatpal, he asks her to leave, but subsequently changes his mind when Anand takes her side. They live harmoniously and soon Gauri gets pregnant. Lakhpati and Bhagwanti shower her with money and jewels and even take her with them to deliver her child. Months later, Anand goes to get Gauri and his child back, but is told by Lakhpati that Gauri never ever came to their house. Distraught, he keeps on searching for her everywhere. Then about five years later Geeta, who is now married to a wealthy man, tells him of Gauri’s whereabouts. He goes to get Gauri back, meets her, and this is where he finds out that Gauri had to keep him away from her newborn son, Naagendra, for five years due to a warning from a Sage that their meeting will result in Anand’s death. Both rejoice at being re-united, little knowing that their joy will soon turn to sorrow when Yam Raj directs Naag to kill Anand.


Starring:Vijay Arora, Rita Bhaduri, Mahesh Bhatt, Laxmi Chhaya

Genre:Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Writer:Vishnu Mehrotra (dialogue), Shantilal Soni

Imdb rating:0.0

Imdb votes:0

Released on:N/A


Category: adventure drama hindi-movies thriller