Pardesi Babu (1998)


Director:Manoj Agrawal

Description:Raju Pardesi lives a poor lifestyle in a village with his cruel step-mother, and decides to re-locate to Mumbai to better his life. Upon arrival he is received by his friend, Happy Singh, who arranges for his accommodation with a stern landlady named Mai. Raju likes to help people, so much so that he wrestles and even loses to a professional wrestler so that he can use the money to help others. One day he returns to his room and finds it occupied by a runaway bride, Chinni Chopra, who refuses to marry Narendra, the man her dad has chosen for her. Eventually Raju and Chinni fall in love with each other, much to the chagrin of Mr. Chopra, who does meet with Raju and asks him to accumulate one Crore rupees in one year and then only can he marry Chinni. Raju accepts the challenge and leaves. Nearing the year’s end Chinni receives Raju’s letter that he has been able to accumulate the stipulated amount and he is returning to Mumbai for their marriage. But Raju does not arrive and she does not hear from him again. She decides to travel to Darjeeling to find out the whereabouts of Raju – just in time to see Raju getting married to a woman named Karuna. Chinni will also find out that Raju did not earn this money – but the money was stolen. Mr. Chopra will also arrive subsequently and accuse Raju of using Chinni to steal 5 Crore rupees from him. The question remains: where did Raju get the money from, and why is he getting married to Karuna?


Starring:Govinda, Raveena Tandon, Shilpa Shetty, Shashikala

Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama


Imdb rating:5.1

Imdb votes:216

Released on:13 Nov 1998


Category: action comedy drama hindi-movies