Qahar (1997)


Director:Rajkumar Kohli

Description:Crime is at its highest stage in a small locality all because of a small-time goon who calls himself Krishna and his pal, the big built and arrogant, Raja. Commissioner Kapoor is in charge of nabbing both goons but to no avail, frustrated of the goons he decides to summon, stern and strict police inspector Amar Kapoor. Amar does manage to arrest Krishna, but found out that Krishna is his brother and Raja is fighting a corrupt society for the brutal murder and rape of his sweetheart, Neelam and her family. The three men now join forces to destroy the evil Velji Patel and his gang.


Starring:Raj Babbar, Sonali Bendre, Dipti Bhatnagar, Chandrashekhar

Genre:Drama, Action, Crime

Writer:Lalit Mahajan

Imdb rating:4.7

Imdb votes:76

Released on:05 Dec 1997


Category: action crime drama hindi-movies