Sanam (1997)


Director:Aziz Sejawal

Description:Gaurav Anand comes from a wealthy family, and enjoys a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. He lives with his dad, Yashpal, an Industrialist; his mom, and an elder brother, Narendra, who is overseas. Gaurav has always shadowed by Narendra, and is resentful of his dad’s attention toward Narendra. His dad is not at all attentive to Gaurav, as he dots on Narendra. Narendra returns home, and his parents are overjoyed, and spend all their available time with him. When Narendra is killed during an accident, the entire family is devastated by his sudden death. Gaurav attempts to fill-in for his brother, but in vain. In frustration, he joins the army and leaves home. His decision to join the army was not to serve his country, but to prove to his dad, but he, too, could be a worthy son. But will this decision make an impact on his sorrowing dad?


Starring:Maya Alagh, Ishrat Ali, Harbans Darshan M. Arora, Asrani


Writer:Anees Bazmee (dialogue), Rajeev Kaul (screenplay), Praful Parekh (screenplay), Yunus Sajawal (story), Aziz Sejawal (comedy sequences)

Imdb rating:5.3

Imdb votes:41

Released on:N/A


Category: hindi-movies romance