Sangharsh (1999)


Director:Tanuja Chandra

Description:CBI officer Reet Oberoi sought assistance from a jail convict Professor Aman Varma to bring Lajja Shankar Pandey; a religious fanatic to justice. Pandey is responsible for abducting children and sacrifice them. But Aman is not willing to co-operate with Reet and instead scuffs at her which leads her into serious problems not only by the police but with some public personalities and the parents of the children affected by Pandey’s behavior.


Starring:Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta, Ashutosh Rana, Madan Jain

Genre:Action, Crime, Thriller

Writer:Mahesh Bhatt, Girish Dhamija (dialogue)

Imdb rating:6.4

Imdb votes:1257

Released on:03 Sep 1999


Category: crime hindi-movies thriller