Screwballs (1983) (In Hindi)


Director:Rafal Zielinski

Description:Starting a new tradition of sex comedy, T & A High School, five boys meet in the detention room thanks to the evil virgin princess urity Busch. RICK – dressed as a doctor and gave breast exams to the high school new comers. BRENT – sexually teased Purity in French class. MELVIN – caught masterbating in the meat locker. HOWIE – rearranged the mirrors in order to see up the skirts of cheerleaders after practice. And TIM – tricked into entering the girls watchroom. Each one fooled by Purity. They want revenge. Each one makes a packed to deflower the virgin, but all have failed. Their only chance is to work together with others of the school to get her at the homecoming game.


Starring:Peter Keleghan, Kent Deuters, Linda Speciale, Alan Deveau


Writer:Linda Shayne (screenplay), Jim Wynorski (screenplay)

Imdb rating:4.7

Imdb votes:1630

Released on:01 Apr 1983


Category: comedy dubbed-movies