Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978) (In Hindi)


Director:Woo-Ping Yuen

Description:Jackie Chan is a boy who is used as a janitor at his kung-fu school. Jackie Chan can’t fight and is always getting bullied by the teachers and pupils. One day an old man helps Jackie train in an art of kung-fu called the ‘ Snake’s Fist ‘. Jackie doesn’t get bullied again. Then Jacki creates his own style and mixes it with the Snake’s Fist. His style is based on the movement and actions of a cat. One day the old man is in trouble by a man who does ‘ The Eagle’s Claw’ and Jackie helps the old man.


Starring:Jackie Chan, Siu Tin Yuen, Jang Lee Hwang, Dean Shek

Genre:Action, Comedy

Writer:Chi Yuan Hsi, Huo An Hsi, See-Yuen Ng (screenplay), Loong Shiao, Chi-Kuang Tsai (screenplay)

Imdb rating:7.5

Imdb votes:7597

Released on:01 Nov 1982


Category: action comedy dubbed-movies