Stumped (2003)


Director:Gaurav Pandey

Description:Reena and her husband Major Raghav Seth; Ranga Khetrapal, Swadesh Deshpande and their respective wives; Laltu Singh, his wife, Neetu, and son, Bhola; the building watchman, Dukhiram; bachelor Subramaniam; and a visually-challenged Holy man, Baba, are some of the residents in Happy Home Society. The common interest shared by most of them is their love of playing and watching cricket. Reena experiences isolation after her husband is called back to Kargil to battle terrorists. She is befriended by three youngsters who have a crush her. Things, however, change dramatically after she gets word that her husband is missing and believed dead. Watch what impact this news has on the residents and their interest in cricket.


Starring:Raveena Tandon, Alyy Khan, Salman Khan, Viju Khote

Genre:Comedy, Drama

Writer:Gaurav Pandey, Abbas Tyrewala (lyrics)

Imdb rating:3.6

Imdb votes:72

Released on:16 May 2003


Category: comedy drama hindi-movies