Taaqat (1995)


Director:Talat Jani

Description:Shakti Singh (Dharmendra) and Bhau (Shatrughan Sinha) are street Dada, always clashes takes place between them. Akhlak (Vikhas Bhalla) younger brother of Shakti Sinh, loves with Kavita (Kajol) the younger sister of Bhau. Company owner Rege exploits Bhau while political leader Babbar Rao exploits Shakti Singh for their selfish purposes. Shakti Singh & Bhau fights at equal level.For his selfish motto Sevakram gets untied and Babbar Rao and they try to remove obstacles from their way. Skhati and Bhau attacked separately by Roge and Bbbar’s henchmen. Both were injured and admitted to the hospital. Then Shakti Singh and Bhau come to know about the conspiracy of Rege and political leader Babbar Rao. Shakti Singh and Bhau fight with the gangsters. During fight Rege and Babbar fall from the roof and died. Shakti Singh and Bhau unites. Akhlak and Kavita’s lvoe wins the heart of their brothers.


Starring:Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Kajol, Vikas Bhalla

Genre:Crime, Romance

Writer:Talat Jani (screenplay), Talat Jani (story), Shahnawaz Ahmed Kenny (dialogue)

Imdb rating:5.4

Imdb votes:46

Released on:23 Jun 1995


Category: crime hindi-movies romance