Tapasya (1976)


Director:Anil Ganguly

Description:Tapasya – meaning penance is the story of Indu, eldest child of Prof Chandrakant Sinha takes on the responsibility of rearing her younger siblings, Vinod, Madhu and the youngest sister. Indu is the breadwinner of the family and acts as both father and mother to the children. The family doctor, young Sagar Verma who treated Chandrakant through his terminal illness falls in love with Indu, which is reciprocated. Being the only son of his widowed mother brings expectations Sagar’s wife is expected to take on the responsibility of managing the affairs of their palatial home, giving up her siblings and her parental home. This is not possible for Indu, who is willing to sacrifice her own love and happiness at the altar of responsibility to her brother and sisters. It is only when the children are settled in their own homes that Indu can think for herself. Sagar in the meantime has handed over his clinic to a locum and left without any forwarding address or informing anyone of his return date. Now that Indu is free, where is Sagar? Has he also given up on Indu as her siblings have and left her alone in her twilight years? Does Indu have any happiness in store for her, or is her life a penance (Tapasya) at the altar of responsibility.


Starring:Rakhee Gulzar, Parikshat Sahni, Asrani, A.K. Hangal

Genre:Drama, Family

Writer:Ashapurna Devi, Anil Ganguly (screenplay), M.G. Hashmat (dialogue)

Imdb rating:7.3

Imdb votes:23

Released on:N/A


Category: drama family hindi-movies