The Canterville Ghost (1996) (In Hindi)


Director:Syd Macartney

Description:When a teenaged girl moves to England, with her brothers and parents into the ancient Canterville Hall, she’s not at all happy. Especially as there’s a ghost and a mysterious re-appearing bloodstain on the hearth. She campaigns to go back home, and her dad, believing the ghost’s pranks are Ginny’s, is ready to send her back. But then Ginny actually meets the elusive 17th-century Sir Simon de Canterville (not to mention the cute teenaged duke next door), and she sets her hand to the task of freeing Sir Simon from his curse.


Starring:Patrick Stewart, Neve Campbell, Joan Sims, Donald Sinden

Genre:Family, Drama, Fantasy

Writer:Oscar Wilde (short story), Robert Benedetti (teleplay)

Imdb rating:6.3

Imdb votes:1556

Released on:27 Jan 1996


Category: drama dubbed-movies family fantasy