The Dark Side of the Heart (1992) (In Hindi)


Director:Eliseo Subiela

Description:Oliveiro is a young poet living in Buenos Aires where sometimes he has to sell his ideas to an advertising agency to make a living or exchange his poems for a steak. In Montevideo, he meets a prostitute, Ana, with whom he falls in love. Back in Buenos Aires, he accepts a contract with a publicity agency to get the money for three days of love with her. Will he get what he’s searching for when his ideal of love’s pleasure is literally going in levitation while making love?


Starring:Dar铆o Grandinetti, Sandra Ballesteros, Nacha Guevara, Andr茅 M茅lan莽on

Genre:Comedy, Romance, Drama

Writer:Mario Benedetti (poems), Juan Gelman (poems), Oliverio Girondo (poems), Eliseo Subiela

Imdb rating:7.6

Imdb votes:2478

Released on:09 Sep 1994


Category: comedy drama dubbed-movies romance