The Holcroft Covenant (1985) (In Hindi)


Director:John Frankenheimer

Description:Noel Holcroft is a foreign-born American citizen working in New York City as an architect. In Geneva he meets with a respected Swiss banker who tells him he has been designated to be executor of a huge 4 1/2 billion dollar trust fund designed to make reparations for the war crimes of the Nazis. Holcroft’s father, who committed suicide in 1945, was a key Hitler financial advisor who became conscience-stricken about German war atrocities, turned against the Fuehrer, and covertly diverted Nazi funds to a secret Swiss account. Under the terms of the covenant Holcroft must locate the sons of his father’s two associates so they can jointly activate their fathers’ account. They battle the sinister forces seem to be trying to prevent them from signing the document as it is believed that it will be used to establish a Fourth Reich.


Starring:Michael Caine, Anthony Andrews, Victoria Tennant, Lilli Palmer

Genre:Action, Crime, Mystery

Writer:Robert Ludlum (novel), George Axelrod (screenplay), Edward Anhalt (screenplay), John Hopkins (screenplay)

Imdb rating:5.7

Imdb votes:2372

Released on:18 Oct 1985


Category: action crime dubbed-movies mystery