Thiruda Thiruda (1994)



Director:Mani Ratnam

Description:Fresh printed bank notes to the value of incredible 10 billion rupies are stolen in India from a train by the henchmen of super-gangster Vikram living in London. The code card only being able to open the container with the money comes into the possession of beautiful Chandralekha. On the way to Vikram she comes across the two thieves Kadir and Azhagu who are on the run from the police – having in tow country-girl Rajathi whom they kept from committing suicide and who then ran away from her ruthless uncle. After some attempts of cheating each other Chandralekha is making friends with the thieves. When she discovers that Vikram is stopping at nothing – especially not at dead bodies – on his hunt after the loot, she informs the three others about the real value of the code card. In the following pursuit between Vikram, the four heroes and a special police brigade which has to get back the money before a state crisis comes about, not only fierce action, but also love comes to its own.


Starring:Prashanth, Anand, Heera Rajgopal, Anu Agrawal

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama

Writer:P.K. Mishra (lyrics), Mani Ratnam, Umesh Sharma (dialogue), Ram Gopal Varma (story)

Imdb rating:7.1

Imdb votes:686

Released on:12 Sep 1994


Category: action crime drama hindi-movies