Toss – A Flip of Destiny (2009)


Director:Ramesh Khatkar

Description:Five fun-loving Goa-based friends, Ryan, Josh, Sasha, Sherry, and Samy get involved in an vehicle accident, and inadvertently find two huge suitcases. They decide to take them, and after numerous vain attempts in forcing them open, hire a male, Duffy, to open them for a fee. They find both the bags contain around Rs.5 Crores in cash, they decide to keep it for sometime and then distribute equally amongst themselves. Things do not go exactly as planned as Duffy comes to know and starts blackmailing them; Sub-Inspector Denzel DaCunha summons them to be questioned; and two armed males along with a child will soon try to hunt them down.


Starring:Rannvijay Singh, Madhurima Banerjee, Prashant Raj, Ashmit Patel

Genre:Crime, Drama, Thriller

Writer:Ramesh Khatkar

Imdb rating:7.2

Imdb votes:6

Released on:28 Aug 2009


Category: crime drama hindi-movies thriller