Tum Mile (2009)


Director:Kunal Deshmukh

Description:On a flight to Mumbai, Akshay meets with his wealthy ex-girlfriend, Sanjana, who is in the company of another male, Rajeev. He, a struggling artist, recalls how he met her in Cape Town and their moving in together. Differences crop up, and get worse, when he does not meet with her busy dad, leading to their taking different paths. After the plane lands they head out to their respective destinations – little knowing the danger that awaits them after the city experiences life-threatening heavy rains and floods.


Starring:Mantra, Prerna Chawla, Emraan Hashmi, J. Brandon Hill

Genre:Drama, Romance

Writer:Kumaar (lyrics), Sayeed Qadri (lyrics), Ankur Tewari

Imdb rating:4.8

Imdb votes:726

Released on:13 Nov 2009


Category: drama hindi-movies romance