Tumhare Bina (1982)


Director:Satyen Bose

Description:Film producer Robin Dutt often comes into contact with attractive women. This creates suspicion and doubts in his wife’s (Seema) mind, and when she observes lipstick marks on his shirt, she decides to separate from him. Robin is devastated by her decision, but his mother-in-law is pleased, and prevents Robin from seeing his son, Bobby. He then decides to abduct Bobby – leaving Seema with no choice but to contact the Police, and force Robin to go into hiding.


Starring:Suresh Oberoi, Swaroop Sampat, Master Ravi, Dina Pathak

Genre:Drama, Family


Imdb rating:0.0

Imdb votes:0

Released on:26 Mar 1982


Category: drama family hindi-movies