Vampires – The Turning (2005) (In Hindi)


Director:Marty Weiss

Description:In Thailand, the Americans Connor and his girlfriend Amanda quarrel in a Muay-Thai fight, and Amanda leaves Connor alone. She asks the direction of the hotel to a stranger, indeed the mean vampire Niran, and she is bitten and kidnapped by his gang of evil vampires in motorcycles. Connor joins to a clan of “good” vampires leaded by Sang, trying to save Amanda from the claws of Niran.


Starring:Colin Egglesfield, Stephanie Chao, Roger Yuan, Patrick Bauchau

Genre:Action, Horror, Thriller

Writer:D.B. Farmer, Andy Hurst

Imdb rating:3.3

Imdb votes:1331

Released on:02 Jan 2005


Category: action dubbed-movies horror thriller