Wohi Bhayanak Raat (1989)


Director:Rakesh Sawant

Description:Bangkok-based wealthy businessman, Amritlal Chopra (Rajesh Khanna), marries a much younger woman, Beena (Laila Khan), but is unable to get intimate as he suffers from Asthma. She starts to look for intimacy elsewhere and finds it with her chauffeur, Raj (Shahib Chopra). Not satisfied, she then arranges Amritlal’s accidental death, notifies Police, identifies the body, and continues her affair with Raj. Then her world will come crashing around her when a male, who resembles her late husband, will enter her life, claiming to be Amritlal himself.


Starring:Rajesh Khanna, Shahib Chopra, Laila Khan, Ahad Khan

Genre:Drama, Mystery, Romance

Writer:Shahad Allahabadi (lyrics), Salim Raza

Imdb rating:3.4

Imdb votes:50

Released on:19 Dec 2008


Category: drama hindi-movies mystery romance