Yakshi Faithfully Yours (2012)


Director:Abhiram Suresh Unnithan

Description:The classic mythological symbol of lust Naga-Yakshi, who comes down to earth on gandharva yamam and mates with virgin boys and kills them straight away after having her orgasm .. But Yakshi falls in love with two people in her life, who were not virgin and breaks all laws of nature which were put on her by the great God himself.. what happens to her and the boys , watch out “Yakshi faithfully Yours – The YfY” , ‘Myth is past, Truth is now, Fiction is future …’ !!


Starring:Ambika, Devan, Akhil Devan, Likhiya Jamal

Genre:Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi

Writer:Abhiram Suresh Unnithan

Imdb rating:3.2

Imdb votes:17

Released on:16 Nov 2012


Category: hindi-movies horror romance sci-fi