Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) (In Hindi)


Director:Hark Tsui

Description: Acollege student (Yuen Biao) at a university in Canada is a fencing champion and when he has an accident one day, he “dreams” of being transported to ancient China and enters a conflict on Zu, the Magic Mountain. At the end of the story, he regains consciousness (this is in the longer English international version). The first and shorter version is about a warrior (Yuen Biao) who has become disillusioned with the constant civil wars in China and goes to the Magic Mountain. There he encounters ghosts and devils, and also good masters and their disciples who are out to stop the Blood Monster and his demons from destroying the world.


Starring:Adam Cheng, Brigitte Lin, Damian Lau, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Writer:Shui Chung Yuet, Jerrold Mundis

Imdb rating:6.7

Imdb votes:1698

Released on:2018-12-01


Category: action adventure dubbed-movies fantasy